Welcome to Flight Review! We are David Allen and Derek Fallon, and we are dedicated to the love of flight! Derek and David started Flight Review as a way share aviation with the world. We hope you’ll join us on this incredible adventure.
In season 1 of Flight Review, Derek is going to turn David into a pilot! Please subscribe to us on YouTube and be sure to share us with your friends. See you in the skies!


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Lesson 5 – Steep Turns (Roll In and Pullllll)

In this episode, David learns his first performance maneuver, the steep turn. Once the bank angle of the aircraft passes 30 degrees, the aerodynamics change and the turns become much more intense. This lesson is all about learning to properly fly the aircraft throughout these changing flight conditions. Derek and David are both attending SUN …

Podcast Episode 4 – Have You Ever Been Scared While Teaching a Student?

In this episode, Derek tells the story of the most scared he has ever been while flight instructing. Early in his flight instructing career, Derek and his private pilot student embarked on a mission-based lesson that would take them to a destination airport on one day, with a return to the home airport the next …


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